The base for recreation and relaxation is provided by our unique paraffin thermal water. More than 1 800m² of surfaces ensure that everyone will find something for themselves.

In 1965, in the village of Petišovci near Lendava, hot water spelt out instead of the expected oil. Physical – chemical analysis of water has shown that it belongs to fossil oil waters and that its a sodium hydrogen carbonate mineral hypertherma at 62 °C.

The speciality of lendava thermal water is the high paraffin content and is thus unique in Slovenia. Water from the borehole PT-20 in Petišovci, Lendava, was declared a natural medicinal product with medicinal effects on 19.3.1981, thus the spa was also given the title of natural spa.

For almost half a century, natural healing factors of water have alleviated problems with chronic rheumatic diseases, post-injury conditions and motor system and peripheral nervous system operations. Thermomineral paraffinic water also helps with skin problems.

Hotel pools

Winter summer pool
Water temperature: 34-36 °C
Surface area: 220 m2 (inner part: 33 m2, outer part 187 m2)
Depth: 1.35 m

Indoor pool
Water temperature: 32-34 °C
Water area: 150 m2
Depth: 1.40 m

Recreational pool
Water temperature: 30-32 °C
Water area: 167 m2
Depth: 1.35 m

Childrend's pool
Water temperature: 28-32 °C
Water area: 34 m2
Depth: 0.10 – 0.45 m

Natural pool geyser
Water temperature: 36-38 °C
Water area: 18 m2
Depth: 1.10 m

Annual bathhouse

Natural pool cluster
Water temperature: 36-38 °C
Water area: 140 m2
Depth: 1.20 m

Olympic pool - with water slides
Water temperature: 26-29 °C
Water area: 1050 m2
Depth: 1.00 – 1.80 m

Outdoor children's pool
Water temperature: 26-29 °C
Water area: 80 m2
Depth: 0.60 m

Price list and opening times

Opening hours

Annual bathing area 08:00 – 20:00

Price list

*Agree on whether this price will continue to apply - If you leave the spa with a delay of more than 20 minutes, we will charge you an additional cost of 2 EUR for each hour started.

More about paraffin thermal water

Lendava thermal water, with its high paraffin content, is a unique water of this kind in Slovenia.

It's hyperthermia after physical kriterei. The source has a water temperature of 62 °C. According to international definition, thermal water is the one originating from a spring that supplies the same warm water at any time of the year and has a water temperature of more than 20 °C. The criterion for hyperthermia is the water temperature at the source above 38 °C.

According to chemical criteria, mineral water is sodium hydro-carbonate water. The criterion for mineral water is that 1 kg of water contains more than 1 g of mineral substances. The specificity of lendava water is high in paraffin, which makes it conditional on such water being particularly suitable for the prevention and treatment of motor system diseases (paraffin has high thermal capacity and low conductivity), rheumatological diseases, post-surgery conditions, burns, damage to the peripheral nervous system, and, above all, prevention or prevention of disease. Due to its beneficial influence on the movement system it is also very suitable for relaxation after sports activities.

According to its geological origin, lendava water is a fossil water, the so-called petroleum fossil water (located in the area of the former Panonian sea or oil fields). This property also conditions pharmacological effects on the skin.

In summary, lendava water is, according to physical chemical analysis, sodium, hydro-carbonate, mineral, hypertherma, petroleum, fossil water. The speciality of water is the high content of paraffin, which also gives it a typical green color.

In balneotherapy, i.s. treatment with natural waters, not only the physical properties of water as in hydrotherapy with ordinary water, but also the chemical or pharmacological effects of such water. The healing water is used in the form of individual baths or in the form of bathing in pools where the water temperature is up to 38 °C, and speciality on offer is paraffin hand bath, parafango and paraffin lining. In summer, there is also a recreational Olympic swimming pool with heated plain water.


  • inflammatory and degenerative rheumatism, conditions after corrective surgery of rheumatoid arthritis, akilopoetic spondilitis
  • out-of-joint rheumatism, joint and spine wear, cervical and thoracic dyscovering and associated syndromes (brahialgia, lumbalgy, etc.), fibroentesis
  • conditions after injuries and operations of the motor system and spine, bone disease and osteoporosis
  • conditions after diseases and damage to the peripheral nervous system, cramping neuropathy, lumboishialgia...
  • post-burn conditions (paraffin improves elasticity, scar flexibility and thus leads to improvement in function) and post-plastic burn surgery, brains after burns with functional impairment
  • Skin disorders
  • gynaecological diseases and post-operative conditions
  • degenerative peripheral vascular changes
  • prevention of the aforementioned diseases and conditions